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Peanut Butter Manufacturer In India

Peanut Butter Manufacturer In India

Nutrionex is going to bring a new Morning in the Peanut Butter industry

Man does not live by bread alone because he needs to add a bit of peanut butter to get the taste at the level of best. Nutrionex is offering you the best peanut butter at a low rate. We are not only a company but also a well-wisher of our citizens.
To provide a protein-rich diet to the nationals of India, we'll always be truthful in our words. Many companies in the world manufacture peanut butter with an assurance of providing the best quality of it but very few match the level. 
We are offering you the best quality peanut butter along with the appropriate nutritional properties. Before getting into the internal proceeding of our product we are going to encounter a detailed discourse on peanut butter here. 

What is peanut butter?

peanut butter manufacturer

It is quite cumbersome when you are consuming the food but does not know about its origin or its internal ingredients of it. So let me help you to gain a bit of a grasp on it. Peanut butter is a ground and creamy form of peanuts that needs to dry and roast to make the best quality of it.

During the 1880s Canadian people first brought peanut butter into the limelight. Until 1920 it was extracted manually from the peanuts, after that the technology made it easier to process for its heavy demand worldwide. 

There are three types of peanut butter such as:

  • Natural Peanut Butter 
  • Conventional Peanut Butter
  • No-Stir Peanut Butter

Here we are going to discuss the nutritional properties of it along with the nutritional values:

  • 1 tablespoon quantity that is 16.5 grams of peanut butter contains:
  • Protein - 3.5 gram
  • Fats - 8 gram
  • Carbohydrates - 4 gram
  • Fiber - 1 gram
  • Calories - 95 Kilocalories. 

The above-mentioned chart shows that it is a calorific food with less amount of unsaturated fat. Apart from that, carbohydrates in it are very helpful for the metabolism of the body. There is also zinc within it which strengthens the immune system of the body. 

Being the sole manufacturer of peanut butter we can say that our product contains all these nutrients along with a balanced quantity within it. Nutrionex produces natural peanut butter which is completely extracted from the peanut. Our product is the best food with which one can break the fast in the morning. 


Benefits of peanut Butter 

peanut butter

There are different health benefits of peanut butter. The benefits are mentioned below:

It helps to lose body weight and maintain the weight of the body

Peanut butter has a major role in appetite mechanisms. It enhances the metabolism of the body with proper meal consumption. The protein in it helps to provide a full meal to the body as well as decreases the urgency of taking food frequently between meals.

Peanut Butter helps to reduce the risk of Cardiac issues

The research shows that one of the antioxidants in peanuts helps to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system, and relax the blood vessels. 

It preserves the muscle mass 

We previously discussed that peanut butter helps in weight loss, so during weight loss sessions it also enhances the strength of the muscles. 

It helps to lower the blood sugar level

Peanut butter contains a lower amount of carbohydrates without any component of added sugar within it which helps to reduce the levels of blood sugar. Apart from that, it has higher levels of magnesium which is an essential component to reduce the blood sugar level. 

Peanut butter has anti-cancer properties


Research shows that peanut butter is a chief source of essential antioxidants such as magnesium, vitamin E, and vitamin B. These are the nutrients that repair the damaged cells of the body as well as prevent the cells from any kind of damage. Therefore, it reduces the risk of mortal diseases like cancer. 

Peanut butter is the best choice for fitness freaks 


Bodybuilders or fitness freaks include peanut butter in their daily diet to consume food with unsaturated fat and enhance calories. Peanut butter is a rich source of amino acids which helps to fulfill the daily protein requirement and increase the muscle mass in the body. 

Being a producer of peanut butter we can say that the peanut butter product of Nutrionex has all the benefits that a person gets from natural peanut butter. When a person consumes our product, he can easily figure out the difference between the peanut butter of other companies and Nutrionex. 


Uses of Peanut Butter

  • It helps to dress the salad.
  • It is used as a substitute for butter.
  • It aids to coat the bottom of the cone containing ice cream. 
  • It is used in pancakes and waffles. 
  • It is used as a gum remover. 

There are many more uses for peanut butter. Some of the important usages are mentioned above. 


Why Nutrionex


If you long for fine peanut butter u must have to try our peanut butter for the best experience ever. The creamy layer of peanut butter of Nutrionex helps our consumers to be the regular purchaser. There are many consumers from Gujrat who once buy from us, they become regular customers of Nutrionex. 

  • Our peanut butter helps people with all the above-mentioned benefits such as prevention of cardiac arrests and cancer, lowering the blood sugar level, helping fitness freaks to maintain their physique, and so on. 
  • The reasons behind the success as a peanut butter manufacturer in India, we follow 3 steps which are mentioned below:
  • We use roasted peanuts along with salt, soybean oil, and less sugar that is hydrogenated.
  • We do not use any artificial colors to present the product as yummy to the customers.
  •  Nutrionex does not use any kind of flavor or preservative with the product of creamy peanut butter. 
  • Our peanut butter is enriched with the above-mentioned nutrients which help the consumer of our peanut butter to boost energy to the optimum level. 


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