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Sugar Free Peanut Butter Manufacturer In India

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Manufacturer In India


The leading producer and supplier of this creamy delicacy from India is Nutrionex Foods, a pioneer in the peanut butter industry. Their Sugar-Free Peanut Butter is a healthy and superior-tasting product that goes beyond ordinary flavors. They lead the way in this regard. All that's needed to make them bring back the pure delight of childhood is a handful of salt, palm oil, and peanuts.

Reminiscent of simpler times, this charming design transports us back to those carefree, innocent days. Straight out of the jar, it's that serving of nostalgia. With new lines of sugar-free peanut butter, the company that has already made a name for itself as the world's preferred private labeling exporter is stirring up the market.

Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter is a demonstration of commitment and skill rather than merely a spread. A mysterious fusion of refinement and simplicity, where each nugget of information carries whispers of passion and accuracy.
Experience this pinnacle of flavor in a way that will change the way you think about peanut butter. Every jar at Nutrionex Foods is a tribute to outstanding flavor and dedication.

A Nostalgic Journey in a Jar

In the whirlwind of modern life, Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter offers a delightful pause. With just peanuts, palm oil, and a pinch of salt, it's a taste that ignites nostalgia like a forgotten lullaby. Childhood memories rush back, vivid and heartwarming, with each spoonful.

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Manufacturer in India

Embracing Nutrionex's creation is like time travel. There's no need for fancy spreads, it's ready straight from the jar. It’s a symphony of innocence and joy, captured within this unassuming glass jar.

For Nutrionex Foods, crafting this sugar-free delight is not just about business. It's a journey into the past, where peanut butter was more than just food; it was a cherished companion.

Intriguingly, they are both a manufacturer and exporter, masterfully crafting this timeless treat while spreading its magic worldwide. And, for those in search of their own label, Nutrionex offers private labelling services to make your brand part of this heartwarming tale.

Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter - The Manufacturing Marvel

In the bustling heart of India, Nutrionex Foods emerges as an impeccable manufacturer and exporter of sugar-free peanut butter. Their journey of crafting this marvel is nothing short of a symphony, where raw peanuts, palm oil, and a sprinkle of salt come together in a delightful crescendo.

Amidst stainless steel giants, the nutty artisans at Nutrionex, with meticulous precision, grind peanuts to a velvety consistency, creating a sensory masterpiece. Not confined by borders, they extend their prowess in private labelling, a canvas where partners paint their own peanut butter dreams.

From colossal containers to petite pet jars, they master the art of packaging, leaving no choice unexplored. As the curtain rises, Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter steps into the spotlight, a manufacturing masterpiece, an exporter's delight, and a palette for private labeling extravaganzas.

Rich without added sugar

Nutrionex Foods is the undisputed leader in delicious enjoyment that doesn't sacrifice health. Their Sugar-Free Peanut Butter is an exquisite culinary creation that combines richness and simplicity.

A Flavorful Explosion

Nutrionex has created a blast of flavor that sends your taste buds on a delectable rollercoaster using only three superb ingredients: quality peanuts, a subtle hint of palm oil, and a whisper of salt.

Unsurpassed Craftsmanship

That they have established themselves as a top producer, mastering the craft of making peanut butter, comes as no surprise. Every jar they produce is an exemplar of their skill and sets a high standard for the industry. There's more, though!
Worldwide Presence as an Exporter

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Manufacturer in India

Nutrionex Foods transcends national borders. As an exporter, they have easily traversed international borders to spread the word about their sugar-free treat. They are now the perfect example of the expression "peanut butter that knows no bounds."

Magic of Private Labeling

Don't ignore Nutrionex's skill in private labeling, which is the secret behind many well-known brands. They demonstrate their commitment to building relationships by providing a blank canvas for others to draw their visions of peanut butter.

Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter is a shining star in a world where decisions are made with health considerations. Its distinctiveness comes from the way that shorter, satisfying bursts of taste are blended with longer, more complex flavor profiles to create an appetizing symphony.

Unwrapping Nutrionex's Packaging Options

Within the delicious realm of Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter, you'll find an astonishing and varied range of packaging alternatives!

Nutrionex Foods being an expert exporter in the trade offers 3 primary packaging options and it all comes down to the volume of the order or the preference of the customer. For example, a pack size of 12 x 340 gm/ 12 oz will be delivered in 3800 boxes in a 20 feet container as opposed to a 12 x 1000 gm/ 35oz pack size which will be delivered in 1500 boxes.

However, it doesn't end there! With tray packing, carton packing, pet jars, glass jars, and bulk packaging, Nutrionex Foods offers options for every taste. So the importer or the customers can choose from a variety like no other.

This vibrant enterprise is skilled at exporting this velvety delight in addition to being a maker. And you know what? They collaborate with companies to produce their own peanut butter masterpieces, and they are all about the private labeling game.


Nutrionex Foods unfurls as an artisan of delight, both manufacturer and exporter extraordinaire. Their journey through the corridors of nostalgia, crafting sugar-free elixirs, is a testament to authenticity. Their private labelling prowess paints new strokes of partnership and ingenuity, connecting the world through the language of taste.

Embrace Nutrionex Sugar-Free Peanut Butter, a symphony of simplicity, a melody of health, and a celebration of memories. It's not just a spread; it's a bridge to childhood's sweet innocence. Choose your jar and let the echoes of manufacturer expertise, export finesse, and private labeling versatility whisper in every delightful bite.


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