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Chocolate Peanut Butter Manufacturer In India

Chocolate Peanut Butter Manufacturer In India

Why Chocolate Peanut Butter Is Booming All Across India

Right now, there is a booming craze of peanut butter usage all across India. Even though this taste started in Western countries, India is not lagging behind when it comes to the morning breakfast of peanut butter and toast. Looking for the best peanut butter manufacturer in India is the primary point because you don’t want to invest money in a tasteless piece. 

We, at NUTRIONEX, are working hard to provide you with the best packages of peanut butter in different flavors and textures. Our peanut butter wholesale suppliers have not just plain peanut butter but one with a chocolate flavor to it. The addition of chocolate flavor to your basic peanut butter will surely make you drool even more.

Perfect for the sweet tooth:


If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to add a lot of sugar to your diet plan, our peanut butter is the safest option. We use the best peanut butter manufacturing process just to ensure that the end result is the tastiest you can get your hands on.

Most people prefer this product because scientifically it has been proven to help in weight loss routines. So, now, losing weight doesn’t only involve eating green salads anymore. A touch of peanut butter can make your journey toward weight loss a lot tastier. 

The scrumptious combination of chocolate and peanut butter sounds like a complete heaven for all the sweet teeth out there!

The misconception to avoid:


Always remember that weight loss food does not always have to be sugar-free and savory in nature. Our products from peanut butter manufacturers in India are versatile superfoods, which will help you to lose weight depending on your consumption rate. 

1. Even though it has a fair share of fat in it, the best peanut butter from reputed peanut butter wholesale suppliers like NUTRIONEX will be a great source of dietary fiber and protein.

2. These major elements are quite healthy, to say the least, and will help you in effectively losing weight.

Eating peanut butter to lose weight:


Thanks to the peanut butter manufacturing process, the best peanut butter is loaded with handsome calories and will be a great source of fiber and protein.

1. These are the two major components, to help you shed weight in an easy manner.

2. On the other hand, peanut butter is further loaded with some of the essential minerals and vitamins, which will benefit your overall health.

3. If you are planning to intake peanut butter as part of your weight loss routine, you need to have it for breakfast, or before or after your workout routine.

4. In case you feel like having a small snack, indulge in our peanut butter rather than going for other junk food items.

5. Peanut butter helps in keeping you fuller for a longer span of time. So, once you have consumed the chocolate peanut butter, you will not feel like eating anything extra.

6. But, you have to be very careful while consuming peanut butter. Avoid having more than two spoonfuls a day because it has a fair share of macronutrient fat in it.

The beneficial aspects to follow:


Our peanut butter manufacturer in India NUTRIONEX is more than happy to share some of the beneficial aspects revolving around chocolate peanut butter these days. Learning the benefits will help you to make the right decision and will help you to know if investing in one is a good choice or not.


Improving the current heart health:


Well, as per our peanut butter wholesale suppliers, peanut butter helps in reducing the risk of death by around 21%. It can further reduce heart disease by around 38%!

1. Oleic acid is one of the major fat contents in a jar of peanut butter.

2. This acid is scientifically proven to be excellent for your complete health as it helps in reducing blood pressure.

3. On the other hand, this acid helps in maintaining good cholesterol. 

4. Moreover, you get the chance to combat blood sugar levels, once you have introduced our chocolate peanut butter, going through the best peanut butter manufacturing process.

5. Most of you might be unaware of the fact that olive oil has the same ratio like that as oleic acid. So, you can get the same benefits from peanut butter that you get from a jar of olive oil!

The topic on weight loss:


Some studies have indicated that consuming peanut butter or peanuts has been proven to benefit weight loss because of the fat, protein, and fiber content. These ingredients are subject to keep you fuller for a long time. So, once you have a spoonful of peanut butter, you won’t feel like eating any junk food after that.

1. A study was conducted a few years back which prove that consuming peanuts will reduce your risk of gaining too much weight or turning obese.

2. Another study has shown that more than 51,000 women who ate peanuts weekly have experienced slight weight gain when compared to those who rarely consume peanuts.

3. However, make sure to consume the best quality peanut butter and that’s when you need to catch up with our peanut butter manufacturer in India now. We never compromise on the quality of our chocolate peanut butter.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts:


In case you are one of those bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts, then our jars of peanut butter from our reliable peanut butter wholesale suppliers will be a great call for you. 

1. Chocolate peanut butter can highly benefit all body builders, who need body fat to function properly.

2. Nut butter has been proven to be a great source of protein.

3. It helps in building and repairing damaged muscles, which bodybuilders have to go through once in a while.

4. A serving of 100g of peanut butter will have around 25g of protein in it.

So, if you are on a mission to consume some good peanut butter, focusing on our peanut butter manufacturing process and procuring the jar from our online store is a good call to address. 


  1. Is chocolate peanut butter a good call for weight loss?

Well, chocolate peanut butter is always considered to be a great and healthy snack. You can consume it alone or with roti, crackers, or even bread in the morning. It helps to keep you fuller for a long time, resulting in weight loss from time to time.

  1. Is chocolate better than regular peanut butter?

Well, the answer depends on your personal preference. If you love the nutty flavor the most, then opting for the original one is a good call. But, if you want to introduce the flavor of chocolate with the nutty mixture, then the chocolate peanut butter is a hot-selling cake for you.

  1. What are the basic benefits of consuming peanut butter?

Consuming peanut butter in a moderate amount can help in your overall healthy diet plan. Not just to lose weight, but peanut butter can also help boost your heart health towards betterment. It can also help build and repair muscles and will manage your blood sugar levels.

So, if you are looking for a complete jar of top-quality chocolate peanut butter, visit our website at NUTRIONEX now. Log online at for details!


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