Flavoured Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter in India | Nutrionex Foods
Flavoured Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter In India

Flavoured Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter In India


Nutrionex – a crunchy buttery munch at the forefront of nutty buttery pleasure. Standing tall as a torchbearer of the private label delectables segment in India, and as a name that can proudly be called as a prodigy, not just a manufacturing brand but as a global exporter of this luscious cream.

Inquisitive minds, let’s go on an adventure of a culinary kind! Nutrionex has been able to get the ordinary into the extraordinary with a selection of mouthwatering options.

From their heart directly to kitchens all over the world, Nutrionex’s genuine passion for honesty is their seal.

Germany's Finest PB Creations

The Brand Stands Out!

A. Crafting Authenticity

In the very broad category of the peanutbutter brand is unique for their artisan and also manufacturing approach. The alchemical peanut butter produced by them is a result of their meticulous method of production. Each vessel is a symbol of their commitment to genuine and a superior quality. It is a more than just a spreadation, it is threaded with strains of accuarcy and hunger.

Flavoured Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter in India

B. Distributing Superiority

On traveling beyond national frontiers, Nutrionex’s peanut delights win global awards. This is a masterpiece of export quality barking from the very core of this country into the kitchens all over the world. As a result, the brand creates a sweet wave that penetrates the stratum of the international manufacturing and goes beyond the national barriers.

Flavour Explosion

Chocolate Bliss

Savor the chocolate extravaganza of Nutrionex’s Chocolate Peanut Butter – a cocoa-laced, chocolate-centric indulgence for every chocolate devotee. It is hard to fathom a soft spread full of a deep chocolate impact, moving on your taste buds, dwelling on elation. Every spoonful of this divine concoction of the best chocolate in the world mixed with the silky smooth texture of peanuts brings about a taste that is perfectly coupled with clouds.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Banana Rendezvous

For those seeking a little tropical hot spot, Nutrionex’s Banana Peanut Butter is the solution. Think about the unification of nutty sweetness that peanuts present with ripe bananas to create a symphony of taste that sheds nothing but mediocrity. It is a lovely combination that adds the flair of the sun to your tongue, making breakfasts and snacks a whole new experience.

Pineapple Tango

Embrace an exotic trip in a fruit basket with Nutrionex’s Pineapple flavoured peanut butter delight – a truly kind creation which boosts the simple jam over a tropical symphony. Taste the tropical flavor in every spoon as sweet pineapple flavour married with the silky texture, to produce a flavour waltz, which captures the soul in a sunny paradise. Every jar that Nutrionex sets up serves as an oath of the authenticity of taste.

Flavoured Spice Symphony

So we’ll usher you into Nutrionex’s Flavor Wonderland, the Spice Symphony, who is waiting with open arms to take you on an aromatic one way ticket ride to experience something like never before.

Cinnamon Serenade

Delve into a realm where the Cinnamon Peanut Butter by Nutrionex is in command of the flavors of your tongue and brings a little heat to your taste palate. The harmonious combination of creamy peanuts and cinnamon’s gentle cradle can melt away routine’s mundanity.Picture this: velvety richness that is almost a spoonful, a slight reprieve of spice that fizzles on your tongue – an advertisement to eat finger dipping in the exceptional.

Cinnamon Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Minty Marvel

Nutrionex delivers an entirely new innovative spirit of Refreshment with the Minty flavor peanut butter. As a stunning melody, the mint and peanutty richness dance on your tongue after the marriage of cool mint and the nutty goodness of rich peanutty extracts. A re-revitalizing moment, a gastronomical classic where fresh meets creamy.

Sweet Elevation

Honey Harmony

Honey flavour peanut butter, the treat from discover Nutrionex – an ode to sweetness and pure health. The mixture of nutty extracts combines with honey produces the most sensational taste as if going through the golden elixir of the elixir of honey.

Honey Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Coffee Craze

This coffee flavoured PB choice is a unique combination of two extremely pleasant items that have sharpness of a strong coffee and velvety softness of a good tasting condiment. It is not just mild pleasure but instead, it is a marriage of energy and sensitivity, a harmony that gives birth to a flavorful revolution.

Taste the Nutrionex difference, sweetness meets elevation taste compliments every spread.

Nutrionex's Revolution

This creative expedition that creates Nutrionex's flavoured peanut butter offerings is the foundation of company's operations. Beyond all expectations, Nutrionex produces peanut butter through innovative techniques with careful obtaining of raw ingredients. Their works' alchemy unravels to show a dedication to taste discovery.

Flavoured Peanut Butter Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Revealing Secrets: Nutrionex creates a symphony than just simply manufacturing products. Examining the subtleties of its innovative approaches reveals a marriage of history with up-to-the-minute creativity.

Beyond Borders: Nutrionex's innovative approach is demonstrated by their dedication to pushing the frontiers of flavor. From the plant to the jar, there is a constant quest for excellence that goes beyond a simple technique.

More than just a maker, it has established itself as an evangelist of the segment, enhancing the standing of flavoured peanut butter that is dutifully shipped from India.


It's evident from concluding the enticing Nutrionex’s tale as the ultimate Flavoured Peanut Butter manufacturing & exporting giant in India. One jar at a time, it's about a culinary symphony that breaks down barriers and unites people worldwide.

Nutrionex has skillfully merged innovation and authenticity, as seen by the chocolaty embrace of their famous Chocolate Peanut Butter variety and the stimulating kick of the Coffee variety. Their ceaseless quest for excellence in the production of peanut butter is, behind the scenes, nothing short of an epicurean adventure.

So come and join Nutrionex Foods' tasty revolution, whether you're mindful of your health or a connoisseur on the hunt for better culinary experiences. Accept the craftsmanship of Nutrionex, where each bottle is a delicious voyage into the core of exceptional superiority and flavour rather than merely peanut butter.

The brand stands out in a world full of options not only as a manufacturer but also as an assembler of unique and delightful experiences that cross boundaries and satisfy palates everywhere.

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